Sergio Pedercini

UX designer, front-end developer and code lover

Hi, I’m an Italian web developer.
I create #usable, #responsive interface design,
that is nice to look at and easy to use.

About me

I'm a web designer with more than 10 years of professional experience. If you're looking for animations or "wow effects", you'd better change direction! In my works I always try to combine aesthetic with functional aspects, looking for the right balance to communicate without annoying. What makes a great website? Here's my opinion: a successful website should be attractive but easy to read. A fascinating message, together with an immediate understanding. Original content and easily traceable information: that's my recipe!

Web and mobile
User Experience

My skills

  • Uh?
    Next question?
  • Basic, you can't
    always win...
  • Medium, I'm trying
    to improve.
  • High,
    I'm pretty good.
  • I'm the master
    of the universe.
  • UX design
  • html & css
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • ES6 & React
  • wordpress & cms
  • php
  • BBQ
  • video editing & 3d

Selected works

  • Allie


    Allie, the new Allianz product: mobile app and website design.

  • Atalanta


    Atalanta Football Club Website.

  • Womo

    A web design proposal: Womo, a new men's store chain.